Monday, September 2, 2013

Diving in!

As I sit here procrastinating an evening run, reading as many Ryan homebuilding blogs I can get my fingers on, and marveling at the amazing stack of paperwork I'm surrounded by, I thought maybe it's time I jumped on the Ryan Homes building process bandwagon. And so, welcome to our journey!

About two months ago, Hubs and I decided to get moving on purchasing our next (and hopefully forever) home. Rates were rising, we were tired of listening to the tenant upstairs, and our 900 square foot space was getting a little cramped. On day 1 of our process, we followed the signs for a Ryan open house. The model home, a Florence, was absolutely unbelievably beautiful. Hubs fell in love instantly and I kind of did too, but we agreed that building wasn't our first choice.

And so we embarked on two months of house searching. Without exception, we were faced with compromise after compromise. Okay, it's not open floor but it's in a good area; the area is okay but there's no privacy at all; dated interiors and boxy floor plans were found in beautiful neighborhoods; while the gorgeous new spacious houses were in bad ones. Needless to say, it was frustrating.

Lo and behold, we found ourselves back at that Ryan model home, walking through the Florence model, and I could see the house was precisely what we were looking for. The model's sales manager (B) showed us an almost complete neighborhood in the school district I was dying for, though just a few lots remained. We walked through all the options, getting an idea for really what our "dream house" (which I can't write without picturing Barbie's) would cost us. We left surprised, amazed, excited and really nervous because we knew that it was not only affordable, it made a ton of sense.

Two days later, we signed a purchase agreement with Ryan Homes to build a 3 bed, 2.5 bath Florence on a .92 acre lot. And so, we begin this wild, crazy, terrifying, exciting journey.
Hubs and I marking our territory!

So excited!


  1. So jealous of your lot size!! Congrats!

  2. congratulations! That's a great size lot!! We built a florence as well and we LOVE it!!!

  3. Welcome and Congrats!! I just found your blog so i'll be catching up :)

    1. Thanks Britni! You are so close on your home!! Looking forward to reading!