Monday, September 30, 2013

We have a date!

As my new little countdown gadget thing on the right-hand side shows you: we now have a (somewhat) official closing date! December 23, here we come!!


  1. Congratulations!! We were so happy when we finally got ours (and our SR followed up to say that they rarely try to move off the date once it's set since the schedule for closings is so packed).

  2. That's different. I didn't realize RH gave you a closing (or target closing) date before pre-construction! That would have been awesome to have! Heartland (for us at least) did not do that, we have a target Month. Currently, our target is "November" and realistically it will be the very, very, very end of November.

    That aside- you'll be able (If you really wanted to) to have your first Christmas in your new home! How sweet!