Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Neighborhood Creeping and Our Lot

So I had to travel this morning for work and decided on my way home to swing by the lot and see if anything new was happening. We're not expecting anything, but hey, you never know!

Alas, there was no movement on our lot, with the exception of some plastic put up around the bottom of the lot. There has been, however, a ton of progress on our neighbor's home! They broke ground on Aug 31 (I think) and have the whole thing framed! It was crazy.

So, just to ground you in these pictures, we have a flag lot. See the picture below (we're lot 6; the house in the pictures I'll post further down is lot 5):

So what you can see is that we are going to have a really long driveway, right up along the side of lot 7, and then our house is going to sit back a ways. There's some elevation there so we're also going to be set a little higher than lot 7. This was a big struggle for me to visualize but our sales rep (B) has a nice little transparency thing and he showed us how our house would sit and what we'd be looking at. Basically, we're not going to be looking right at lot 7's backyard (or so he says). I'm super happy with the lot size and the fact that our back yard is lined in trees (that they do not have to remove, and have been threatened not to touch), so I'm kind of just rolling with the rest of the whole thing. 

Anyway! Here's our lot with our neighbor's progress in the background:
Hello future home!
While in the neighborhood, I followed a bunch of your advice and stalked out some houses and colors. I really like something with a warm feel to it and that has some depth to the color, so I like this dark tan one best, though I'm not sold on the red door. (This is conveniently also almost our elevation. We got the side-entry garage and the overhang over the front door, but ours is just flat along the top.)
One of my future neighbor's houses. Hope they don't mind!
The hubs has other ideas, apparently, as he is not sold on having a "poop brown" house. Love the guy, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to win on this one :)


  1. LOL! Yeah, if you are anything like me you will win. ;)

  2. I like the siding color (and the red door). I see a lot of light colors (tan, beige, etc.) in our neighborhood, so our gray siding sticks out (which we like). Will you and lot 5 share that driveway? If not, that's a ton of extra parking to accommodate guests. Also, based on the site plan, your lot looks huge!

    1. Thanks! It is about .92 acres so it's really big and was a major selling point for me on the whole building thing! And we actually get all our own driveway, which means tons of extra parking but also lots more to shovel/have plowed :)

  3. It looks like the Pebble Clay we chose. It is really pretty. I just have to hope that we get to move in.