Thursday, September 12, 2013

Selections: Complete!

So I'm just writing this up quickly while I'm stuck at the library not doing my project (good to see I haven't given up my procrastination skills when I decided to go back to grad school). We had our selections appointment today! Ah! This was really big for me and I was, quite frankly, dreading it. But now it's over, the hubs and I didn't kill each other, we didn't break the bank, and I think I'm finally settling into the fact that we are building our own brand new house where we're going to live.

What you probably all mentioned on your blogs, but I just didn't read closely enough, was that you don't actually get to pick your colors for the outside of the house. You get to pick a color scheme. That was a little of a bummer, but I think it's going to work out. We ended up with Sandy Tan and Brown shutters, with a bluish teal door (don't have the color in front of me). It's going to be great.

We struggled mightily on floors! See, the hubs and I have decided to hold off on doing hardwoods through Ryan. I think RH is a little expensive, and I think we could get the non pre-finished floors at some point in the near future for a less amount. So yes, we realize we'll be tearing up our new house in 12-18 months and that's annoying, but I didn't want to settle for floors that were just so-so (my opinion only! They look beautiful; I just don't love the cracks between.) Anyway, so we wanted to get the standard laminate floor in the kitchen/morning room because it's only got a short life. But holy macaroni there were too many choices! I'll post pictures soon but I'm pretty sure I hate them.

Cabinets were a big upgrade for us. The hubs is the cook so I let him pick his thing. We went with the taller Cherry Spice cabinets. I love the counter top we picked too! It's dark grey with lots of awesome sparks that pull in our cabinets. I know, I know, you need pictures! Will post soon.

Our meeting with the electrical/AV guy was super painless. I've read a lot of bloggers who have had trouble with their electric guys and I have to say ours was fantastic. Super low-pressure and definitely helped us see a couple ways to make things better as we moved through the house. I also splurged on pendant lights over my peninsula (they're so elegant, I think!) The hubs put in his TV-mount package, which makes him happy, and we came in below budget (woot woot!)


  1. Glad you got it all picked out! Yes they only let you choose certain colors for each item which is probably a good thing. That way someone can't choose some crazy color scheme that is off the wall. I think your selections will look great! We did the gray siding with black shutters and I want a blue door so bad but it is black like the shutters. So I'm going to paint it sometime soon. Tearing up those floors won't be fun but definitely do what makes you happy. I wouldn't have wanted to pay for something I didn't love either. It sounds like you went with the New Caledonia granite, which is what we have as well. I LOVE IT. It is soooooooooo gorgeous!

  2. Congrats! Picking out the selections can but stressful but its also s much fun! :) One more thing off the check list... getting closer and closer to breaking ground!!!

  3. I loved our selections appt. It was so much fun picking the front of the house colors and stone and the inside flooring. Can't wait for the pictures.

    1. Hey Rome - I'm hoping your progress is going better. Looks like your blog is sign-in only now so I can only guess based on your "Here comes the sun" title things are finally going well - congrats!