Monday, September 30, 2013

Hurry, hurry.... waiting....okay, now build!

So I have been super remiss in posting any updates but it's because I've been de-compressing from all the crazy intensity of the initial decisions we had to make. From signing the papers on August 30, to the selections on September 12, it was just a non-stop whirlwind of decisions and craziness.

And then, everything just kind of stopped.

So I've spent the last two weeks just in a holding pattern. Our decisions are made, our loan was moving forward, and we just were waiting to get time on the schedule. Luckily, time is of the essence! We have our preconstruction meeting today with SM and our PM, and they expect us to break ground early next week. I'm glad to finally get some movement!

Hubs and I are really, really hoping to close before the end of the year. It looks like that's still a possibility, though becoming less so every day.

I'll have more details after the meeting today and I promise not to take another two weeks off!


  1. Good luck for everything! This get more and more exciting and fun once the started building.

    You might want to remove the CAPTCHA from comments.. Blogger does a great job keeping away spam bots so the CAPTCHA is just getting in the way of real people trying to comment. :)

  2. Yay! Post some pics! I want to see that beautiful lot!