Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reason to look forward to the new house #1

So this morning my two sisters were over because we're hitting the road for a trip to my grandmother's. 

There we were. Three fully grown women aged 24-28, crowding around an 8x10 mirror, in our home's only bathroom, and the hubs walks over and says he has to use it, and it hits me...

#1: new house has three bathrooms!!

Can't wait!


  1. In our old home, 4 of us (2 kids, 2 adults) shared a single bathroom - so the 2.5 baths (plus basement rough in) are some of the rooms I'm most excited about in our new home! Juuuuust not sure how I'm going to clean them all. Good problem to have though, I think ;) Is 4 too young to scrub a toilet? LOL

    1. You're never too young to scrub a toilet! Haha! And I guess that's another thing that is better about children than dogs. Our dog is worthless with any cleaning whatsoever :)

  2. :) In our current home we have more bathrooms than bedrooms! And yes, the are a headache to clean. Lol. :) I am actually looking forward to one less bathroom. :)